Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Those pretty colored lights? What are they?


                                         (picture taken from a Top Notch event in April 2015)

“What can you tell me about your set up?” It's a common question, that I, as well as other DJ's are always used to answering, and it's one we're usually prepared to answer. In fact, 50-60% of the time this question is followed by “we'll what can you tell me about you're lights?” I know where the customer is going once a question in this format is received. They want to know not only about the party lights that Top Notch uses but also if the DJ service can offer “those cool lights that shine from the floor”, “you know the one's that you put all around the room”, or “their like spotlights but different colors and shine on the walls”. The term for these effect lights is known as “uplighting” or “wash lighting” and it's quite evident that they are growing more and more popular in the wedding scene. Although it is hard to tell if these items are simply a “trend” for today's weddings, they are repeatedly in high demand for not just weddings, but various events including banquets, proms, sweet 16's etc. The lights are usually placed on the floor and are projected on the wall to enhance the look of the venue and bring a certain touch of color or flare to the room. The colors of these lights can range from basic red, blue, yellow and green, to various colors such as teal, magenta, pink and more. Personally, I think uplighting is one of the best tools an event planner, DJ, or venue owner can use to decorate, and illuminate a venue. The glow of a few uplight's can truly beautify the mood and atmosphere of a venue. Although many venues now offer uplighting as part of their decorating service prior to an event. Top Notch does have the capability or providing this service to our clients as well. “Can you provide those colored lights that face up towards the ceiling?”, No matter, how the question is posed, the answer is “YES”. Top Notch can handle that.

NOTE: For those considering uplighting or lighting and effects rentals. Top Notch highly recommends The owner is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and can irradiate a room pretty quickly as well. Bottom line: These guys are impressive!

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