Thursday, May 28, 2015

You Have to Let Go, In order to Grow

      Oh, “big boys and their toys”, “guys and their gear”. It's an interesting concept that I imagine goes hand in hand with girls and their shoes. We can become somewhat sentimental of our so called “toys” at times, as each item serves a memory. Our toys may remind us of where we've been, our accomplishments or uses with that piece of gear and even the state of mind or life situation we were in while we were using that piece of equipment. The memories make us grow fond of the material items. Just a forewarning to all....“Big boys and their toys” is the focus of todays topic. Although I strive for the majority of the post on this blog to provide DJ and event planning tips, advice, and thoughts, I found myself feeling a bit sentimental today and felt compelled to share.

      Today Top Notch actually sold the original speakers, amplifier and basic gear that got this company started. Yes, I realize some of you may be thinking “Oh, it's just a pair of speakers”, HOWEVER, this gear has been amazingly reliable, meanwhile delivering exceptional quality for over the last 11 years. As the DJ business has grown I have found myself moving more towards powered, more light weighted speakers as well as gear that provides more power and sound. Considering the fact 2 of the last 4 events that Top Notch has deejayed has been for crowds of 700 +, I found it necessary to simply let go of this gear so more room and space could be provided for bigger, larger equipment. As I sold the JBL speakers and Mackie Mixer I couldn't help but to reflect on the many years of performing, of deejaying, of various towns and venues me and this specific equipment have been through. Very few people know this, but the gear was actually acquired, after I held a music, local band showcase for the band Parmalee in Raleigh. A member of the band, sent me a list of the equipment they used for the show and I immediately went out and purchased the set up weeks later (thank you Visa). 

      However, I realized that as a business and in life, sometimes you have to let go in order to grow. In life, we should be consistently growing, consistently learning and changing for the better. We should always be moving forward. In order for this to occur, we must let go of old ideas, past experiences, and for me, old things, that are no longer needed. Top Notch looks forward to the future, to newer and larger events, and (yes) newer equipment to fulfill all of my customers and their guests sound, volume and clarity expectations. So long JBL's, it has been quite a journey together. Thank you to my loyal readers and customers for your continued business and support, especially those repeat clients who have used my services continuously for many years aka since the days I was using this gear. I am so very grateful! 


PS: For those interested, the speakers have been purchased by the owner of Chevy's at Watergreen in Apex and will be serving as the bars main sound equipment for live bands, house music and karaoke. I understand the bar will be open by next Friday (June 5th) so make sure to check them out here!

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