Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wedding Reception Games your Guests will LOVE!

“Oh yay, a wedding, I can't wait to attend so I can sit at a table for the evening” said no one ever!! Top Notch understands that a level of importance, elegance, structure, and class must be displayed at a wedding, however, this does not mean your wedding reception has to be BORING. Too often, Top Notch works with future brides and grooms that initially desire a “magical” evening entailed with a beautiful ceremony, a nice cocktail hour, wonderful fellowship, accompanied love music to fit the occasion (played by the band or DJ) and a delectable dinner followed by fun and dancing. Although the above described scenario is always the ultimate goal, sometimes a lengthy ceremony or cocktail hour, long dinner hour, and an array of slow paced love jams, can actually bore your guests. Why not liven things up with a number of activities, and games for your guests to play? Below Top Notch DJ Service shares a number of great ideas and activities your wedding guests can enjoy. PLEASE NOTE: You will not find the “ever popular Shoe Game in this post, instead you will hopefully discover a list of vibrant, fresh, and even quirky ideas that your guests may find unique, memorable, and ultimately enjoyable.

  1.   I-SPY- Recently played at a Top Notch DJ Service wedding for Brandon & Natalie (see wedding clip here) this activity is an excellent way to keep guests young and old amused. Furthermore, by making the activity a contest with a guests prize, and involving engaging items, guests are more prone to participate. Additionally, with a multitude of social media, photo sharing, and even wedding apps now available, guests can photograph the items and a winner can be determined directly from one's smart phone. It is suggested to provide guests with at least 8 but no more than 15 items that they are required to locate and the more interesting items = the more fun for the guests. Examples Top Notch has seen for this game in the past include “The Groom in a Diaper” (guests had to find his baby photo), “the officiant dancing”, “Something Borrowed & Blue” and more. The first guests to post the wedding photos onto the wedding app or social media platform (instagram, facebook) that you are using is the winner! Plus this allows the bride and groom to suddenly have numerous, entertaining photos from their wedding day instantaneously.

  2. Say Cheese for the Guestbook! - In substitute of having wedding guests sign a guestbook, the wedding attendees are instead allowed to take a photo which they can glue to a scrap book and then sign their names and include their best wishes for your wedding day. This activity works well, when there is a particular person assigned to operate either a Polaroid camera, or an immediate print and scan machine (click here for ideas). Furthermore, while posing for the camera, a copy of the picture can be printed for each guests to take home as a keepsake. To expand on this concept for additional fun incorporate a photo booth or photo props for guests to utilize

  3. He Said/She Said or “Was it the Bride or Groom”Game - This activity can be played during the reception and is similar to the Shoe Game, however, it does allow for all wedding attendees to be involved. How to Play: Rare Facts or Statements are provided to the Emcee/Host about the Bride and Groom. Wedding guests are then divided into teams (usually by the numbered table they are at for Dinner) and are asked a list of questions. The teams must be determine if the question pertains to the Bride or the Groom. Each question= 1 point. Top Notch usually prepares 10-12 questions with the intent of asking 10 questions, but having 2 questions as a bonus round/tie breakers when needed. To make this game more thrilling, it is exciting to provide guests with a fun prop to answer their questions such as a Barbie/GI Joe per table to represent the bride and groom, stuffed animals that are clearly boy or girl, or even an image of the bride and groom glued to the front and back of a lollipop or similar type stick (like the image on the right).

  4. Music Video Marryoke- Don't worry, this activity isn't exactly karaoke, instead it consists more of famous reenactments and dance moves all caught on video. For this specific concept to take place at a wedding either a hired videographer, or an assigned person (that preferably knows how to work a video camera) is designated to film the guests. A specific space in the reception venue should be allotted for this activity. The directions are simply this: Guests are required to do their best impression, of a dance move from a popular film, TV show or even music video. Examples may include the dance to “You're the One that I Want” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John from the move Grease, the Macarena, or even the new “Whip/Nae Nae” dance sensation. A video camera with tripod is needed along with an Ipad or some type of device to allow guests to review the dance moves of their chosen reenactment scene before they are filmed. Allow guests to receive a copy of their dance (if they desire) and this make's for hilarious video footage that the bride and groom may keep. It is important to mention, this activity is successful if only 1 or 2 movie or dance scene reenactments are chosen for guests to duplicate(deterring certain guests from choosing random acts that are not comical or music related) and the bride and groom make it a requirement for all guests to participate.
    For an example of a Marryoke clip, check out this video!

    Marryoke At It's Finest!!

  5. Chinese Fortune Tellers- There are 2 types of fortune tellers that Top Notch has seen at weddings, they are “Origami” (also known to some as Cootie Catchers (see an example by clicking here) and then there are Chinese Fortune Tellers with sticks which are great fun for wedding guests during cocktail hour as guests are finishing dinner. Fortune sticks with painted numbers on them are placed in a barrel at each dinner table and 1 guest at each table is assigned to be the “fortune teller”. Guests may draw sticks and advise the assigned fortune teller the number painted on their specific stick. The “fortune teller” using the provided “fortune teller pamphlet” can then provide the guests drawing the sticks their fortunes based on their numbers. For more information or a brief tutorial of this activity, see below!

     I know, I know, some may have the notion that the Wedding Day should be about the bride, not the wedding guests. In a sense, this is true, but the wedding guests are present on a bride's “ Big Day” to share the experience, the moments, and the memories with the bride and groom. With that being said, wouldn't it be great to ensure that they have a great time while attending the event as well? With activities planned such as those mentioned above, not only is the wedding filled with amusing activities for all of the guests, but they will most likely have a more favorable, fond, and pleasant memory of their time at your wedding reception when it's all said and done. For additional ideas and activities, feel free to send an email to topnotchdjservice@gmail.com. Thanks for reading! 

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