Monday, August 24, 2015

Your Wedding......There's an "App" for that!

    Wedding Party App - Check it out at
Have you checked out Wedding Party?

No, I'm not asking about your Wedding Party specifically, but I'm actually referring to the app. You know the old saying “There's an App for that”?, We'll of course the concept of “Wedding Planning” applies to that statement as well, and the best “application” Top Notch has found for new brides and grooms to utilize in assisting them with their wedding planning projects is appropriately titled “Wedding Party”. 

So, just what is “Wedding Party”? The application allows for many useful and fun tools that your potential guests can employ in regards to your wedding. The application allows invitations to be sent via test message or email to your guests, manage schedules of those involved as well as the event, and the application allows your guests who intend on arriving to “join” your wedding party event so they are therefore kept up to date with any changes or additions the bride and groom make to the event.
Lastly, Wedding Party allows you to skip the Instagram hashtag (for those guests who perhaps are still using just facebook), so all guests can simply share pics from the wedding directly onto the Wedding Party app for all to see! 

The application is available for all Iphone and Android users and is very easy to use! Looking for a 1 stop, easy event planner to bring all of your guests in tune and involved in the wedding planning stages of your “Big Day”? Yep, there's an app for that! Top Notch can't recommend a better application for the job than “Wedding Party”. Make sure to share this with any future brides and grooms that you may know that are getting married, they will most likely thank you for the advice.