Thursday, February 11, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance is a piece of cake? Think AGAIN!

Photo by Michelle Robinson at a Top Notch DJ Service Event

Planning a Daddy Daughter Dance? If so, then you are in for a treat. In actuality, you may be in more of a challenge. Over the years, Top Notch has serviced a number of Daddy Daughter Dance’s. They are the perfect event to create a cherished memory for both individuals involved. It allows both father and daughter to get dressed up and spend a classy, yet (hopefully) wonderful evening being entertained, with dancing, dining and photography.
    Sounds simple enough right? The above factors are the common items that Top Notch has experienced at the majority of planned Daddy Daughter Dance’s. The pair have their photo taken as they enter, followed by dinner, followed by dancing. These three activities may sound fairly straightforward, however, if an event planner or DJ is not prepared, the “Dancing” portion of the evening could be an issue. No offense Dads, but in general, male’s are often less likely to sporadically jump on a dance floor. Especially, middle aged males with no alcohol involved. It can often seem unnatural. Mix that dilemma, with the obvious age gap and large divide of music preference between a daughter and her father, and a DJ or event planner can often have quite a quandary. Of course, there are the “slow” tempo songs, which are always safe. Most fathers will be obliged to slow dance with their daughters, but the entire event can’t be composed of only slow songs! Below, Top Notch offers a few ideas alongside the “dancing” to insure that the evening is a blast for all guests involved.
-       Photo Booth- These are always a great way to not only break the ice at a dance or event, but also allows a time for a father and daughter to simply be silly together. The result is almost always plenty of smiles, laughter and a great photo souvenir as a keepsake.  Although photo booths can be an extra expense, Photo booth prop packets can now be purchased at the majority of party stores and applications such as “Pocketbooth” can be downloaded onto one’s Ipad providing a less costly option compared to hiring a professional photo booth rental for the event
-       Dance Contest- After all, this is a Dance right? The key in this contest is to include songs that the father may be familiar with. Consider the age gap, it’s often fun and quite humorous to play contest that appeal to both age groups such as “Daughters have to dance to a song from Daddy’s Time Period” and vice versa “Daddy has to dance to a popular song from today’s current music that the daughters may know”. Top Notch has even been known to do a multitude of dance contest including Best Dads Dance, Best Daughter Dance, and even after these are dances are said and done, Best Mimic Dance (where the Daddy’s do the best version of their Daughters Dance and vice versa). One can even do a dance contest for the overall funniest dance moves.
-       Guess the Hands- Daughters tend to enjoy this game more so than their fathers, however, it does tend to be a blast for all involved. How it works: Daughters are lined up in a straight horizontal line, their fathers are then blindfolded, must spin 5-10 times and then feel 1 hand from every daughter in the line to see if they can determine by simply touching a child’s hand which daughter is theirs.
-       Activity Chairs- This game is played like musical chairs with a simple twist. A sticky note with a number and specific exercise or requested activity is listed underneath the seat of each chair. When the music stops and the participants scramble to find a seat, the game announcer or DJ calls out a number. The seated participants must look underneath their chair, and if they have the assigned number they must perform the act written on the note card taped to their seat. Past Top Notch exercises have included jump n jacks, doing the Nae Nae Dance, and even plucking like a chicken for 20-30 seconds.
-       Dance Lessons- My experience in this event is that Dad’s are willing to try and learn a fun dance, as long as someone can teach them. Normally I suggest teaching the fathers a line dance that they may not be familiar with such as The Cupid Shuffle or Cha Cha Slide. Daughters are usually very willing to assist in any dance lessons or activities that allow them to show their Dad a thing or two as well. This concept, (similar to the dance contest) can be applied vice versa to the daughter’s as well I’ve actually seen Dads teach daughters how to do the moonwalk, and other popular past dances.

The key is always fun! As long as the daughters are having fun, the daddy’s are usually pleased. However, taking a few ideas and activities such as these mentioned above, or perhaps a game of your own, may be the key to escalate the Daddy Daughter Dance to a whole new enjoyment level for not just the daughter’s but for their Fathers that are in attendance as well.

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