Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wedding Party Entrance Tips

The Wedding Party Entrance! 

Surprisingly, Top Notch has received a number of inquiries recently while planning and consulting with future “wed to be's” regarding this topic. 

Naturally, when choosing song selections during the wedding planning process, the processional and recessional songs played during the ceremony should certainly take precedence over this specific subject. Furthermore, selecting song choices for the essential dances during the reception (aka First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, etc) should be more of a priority than choosing the Wedding Party Entrance as well. With that being said, once these critical music selections have been selected, it seems recently that many couples have neglected to consider, and ultimately select a main wedding reception entrance song. Good thing Top Notch DJ Service is here to help! 

Despite what many articles, forums, and fellow Wedding Disc Jockey's may say, the wedding entrance song DOES NOT necessarily set the mood and tone for your wedding reception. Nor, does this specific song choice necessarily have to be a reflection of you and your fiancee's shared taste in music (although we do recommend you both at least like the song). When selecting a Grand Wedding Entrance song, we do however, suggest the following...

 Members of the Bridal Party: 

 Who should be recognized and announced? Parents? Bridal Party? Just the Bride and Groom? What about little Flower Girls or the Ring Bearer? Can they behave and be away from Mommy long enough to walk in? These matters should be factored into the Wedding Entrance planning before announcement time.

 Selection of Music:                                                                

Will everyone walk
into one song, or will the music selections
be chosen designated and coordinated to each couple of the bridal party? Top Notch will often play one song for the bridal party followed by an alternative song (usually with a more upbeat tempo)  for the bride and groom to play as they make their entrance into the reception. 

  Instrumental Song Versions to be played when Possible: Dj's often will play the instrumental song of the music choice chosen so they can speak over the music without attempting to shout over the lyrics of the song. If you desire to walk into a song with lyrics or anticipate walking into a specific lyric of a song, the DJ will most likely simply alternate the volume of the song higher when a name is not announced, and then lowered so that wedding guests can hear the pronouncement of the next bridal party member entering the reception


Make it Fun, Make it Upbeat, but Make it TASTEFUL!! :

Meaning not only no vulgar dancing moves from the bridal party nor bride and groom, but also avoid choosing songs that may be inappropriate at a wedding, for all those present to hear, or that may include foul language in the lyrics


Be Creative: 
The most memorable entrances usually include Bridal Party members dancing or doing something fun while walking into the reception and onto the dance floor. Obviously, these actions make for wonderful pictures that the photographer can capture as well! Chat with your DJ regarding ideas they have seen in the past to make this point of your wedding stand out, so that all of your guests know it's time to get the party started!

There are countless variations a bride and groom may choose concerning a Grand Entrance. In fact, it is not uncommon for a bride and groom to choose a mash up or customized DJ mix (which we create) of a number of song choices, including specific song selections for the parents, followed by a different song for the bridal party and yet a final song selection for the bride and groom. Top Notch DJ Service is consistently asked for ideas and recommendations concerning a bride and groom's Main Wedding Entrance. Below is listed some of the most common items that Top Notch has seen. For more ideas and wedding entrance suggestions feel free to shoot an email to Whatever song choices you may choose for your Grand Entrance, make sure to simply make it fun and make it GRAND! 

Top Wedding Entrance Songs in the Pop-Top 40 Category:Bruno Mars- Marry You 
Chris Brown- Forever 
Usher- OMG and Yeah 
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Can't Hold Us 
Pitbull- Give Me Everything and Feel this Moment.  
Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling and Let's Get it Started 
Beyonce- Crazy In Love 
Pharrell Williams- Happy  
Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance 
Justin Timberlake- Can't Stop the Feeling

​Top "Rock Genre" Wedding Entrance Songs: 
The Verve- Bitterweet Symphony
Queen- We Will Rock You and You're my Best Friend
 ACDC- Thunderstruck
The Darkness- I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
 U2- Beautiful Day
 Blur- Song #2
 Europe- Final Countdown

Top Classic Wedding Entrance Songs include:  
 Cece Piniston- Finally
 Diana Ross- I'm Coming Out 
 Jackie Wilson- (Your Love)- “Higher and Higher” 
 James Brown- I Got You- “I Feel good” 
 Blue Swede- Hooked on a Feeling
 Jefferson Starship- Nothing's Going to Stop Us
 Top 80's Wedding Entrance Songs:
Phil Collins- In The Air Tonight
Hall & Oates- You Make My Dreams Come True
Whitney Houston- I Want to Dance with Somebody 
 Michael Jackson- The Way You Make Me Feel
 Katrina and the Waves- Walking on Sunshine
 Top 90's Wedding Entrance Songs:  
Montell Jordan- This is How We Do It
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
Heavy D- Now That We've Found Love
2 Unlimited- Ya'll Ready for This
Jagged Edge- Let's Get Married 

Unique/Creative Wedding Entrance Songs: 
 Yakety Sax- (Song from Benny Hill Song)
 Grease Soundtrack- You're the One that I Want
  NFL Theme Song
  Chicago Bulls Theme Song
  Star Wars- Imperial March
  Olympic Theme Song
  Top Gun- Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

Please Note: All pictures in this blog were taken at Top Notch DJ Service events by professional photographers. Please reach out to Top Notch DJ Service or the professional photographers to which credit given before using any photos from this post for personal or public use. Thanks for reading!


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