Monday, August 24, 2015

Your Wedding......There's an "App" for that!

    Wedding Party App - Check it out at
Have you checked out Wedding Party?

No, I'm not asking about your Wedding Party specifically, but I'm actually referring to the app. You know the old saying “There's an App for that”?, We'll of course the concept of “Wedding Planning” applies to that statement as well, and the best “application” Top Notch has found for new brides and grooms to utilize in assisting them with their wedding planning projects is appropriately titled “Wedding Party”. 

So, just what is “Wedding Party”? The application allows for many useful and fun tools that your potential guests can employ in regards to your wedding. The application allows invitations to be sent via test message or email to your guests, manage schedules of those involved as well as the event, and the application allows your guests who intend on arriving to “join” your wedding party event so they are therefore kept up to date with any changes or additions the bride and groom make to the event.
Lastly, Wedding Party allows you to skip the Instagram hashtag (for those guests who perhaps are still using just facebook), so all guests can simply share pics from the wedding directly onto the Wedding Party app for all to see! 

The application is available for all Iphone and Android users and is very easy to use! Looking for a 1 stop, easy event planner to bring all of your guests in tune and involved in the wedding planning stages of your “Big Day”? Yep, there's an app for that! Top Notch can't recommend a better application for the job than “Wedding Party”. Make sure to share this with any future brides and grooms that you may know that are getting married, they will most likely thank you for the advice.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Should you Hire the DJ for the Wedding Rehearsal?

     Let's face it, the Disc Jockey is the entertainment for the reception aka the after party after the “I DO's” are said and the ceremony has concluded. However, it's certainly not uncommon for the DJ to provide music during the ceremony. In fact, Top Notch this year alone, has provided music for the ceremony and reception for nearly 85% of the weddings that have been serviced. With that being said, one very large factor determines the smoothness and flow of your wedding ceremony, and that essential element is timing. Granted, organization, communication and a mutual understanding regarding what music or songs to play and at what time's play a large factor during the ceremony as well, however, TIMING is the most essential aspect at play. If you are planning on using your DJ for the ceremony as well as reception, it's a great idea to consider booking him or her during the rehearsal dinner, the night prior to your wedding day as well. Why do you ask? Top Notch has outlined 4 BIG REASONS below...

  1. It allows your DJ to rehearse with you, and any additional parties such as wedding vendors, venue owners, etc that may be involved in the ceremony on your wedding day. This allows the bride and groom to also practice live to the music repeatedly until it's perfected before the ceremony. As stated prior, timing can play a major factor concerning when to play the appropriate songs during this crucial part of the event, having your DJ available to assist you and your bridal party in hashing out any timing dilemmas well before guests arrive and the actual event takes place is a huge advantage for you and him.
  2. Any last minute questions can be addressed. With the DJ available on site during the rehearsal any inquiries regarding song selections, sound equipment, set up, etc can be addressed and solved.
  3. Meet and Greet- A DJ present during the rehearsal allows him or her to meet the bridal party, family of usually the bride and groom, and often the other wedding vendors prior to the wedding day. Resultantly, on your Big Day, your DJ isn't necessarily a stranger. Which leads me to reason #4
  4. Comfortability, Confidence and Peace- If the to 3 reasons are all addressed, rehearsal is complete, all questions have been answered and your DJ has met the “key players” in the wedding the day before the actual event, there is a sense of ease, of peace and confidence that will be with not only you and your bridal party but also him or her as the DJ.
Ultimately, depending on your budget as well the importance of how smooth you desire your ceremony to flow will determine if the DJ is used for the rehearsal. Top Notch does offer rehearsal services for bride and grooms when possible, therefore this blog post is speaking from first hand experience. Should you consider hiring a Dj for your wedding rehearsal? If your DJ is servicing your ceremony, why would you not?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Searching for Contemporary Song Selections for the Bridal Procession?

(picture taken from Brian & Kristin Blonk's Wedding- July 2014)

     Looking for something nontraditional to be played for your wedding Ceremony? No need to worry, today we focus on just that! It's becoming more and more less popular to walk down the aisle to the traditional “Bridal March”. With so many additional songs that may more appropriately express the words that you would like for your guests to hear as your bride and bridal party walk down the aisle, the classic wedding ceremony selections, are now seldom chosen by brides to be played during the ceremony. Top Notch recently held a consultation where the bride was “stuck in the middle”, meaning she knew she did not want the traditional wedding ceremonial songs, but was completely clueless on other options that could be played for her wedding procession. No need to fear, Top Notch is HERE! Actually, a great resource for choosing great, modern wedding processional songs can be found in the Popsugar article listed below. In fact, the site shares 50 of the most popular songs chosen recently to walk down the aisle. Reviewing 50 song selections, can take up some time. Therefore, Top Notch has viewed the article repeatedly, and opted to share, what I think, may be the Top 15 songs chosen by Brides recently to walk down the aisle. They are as follows.

  1. Christina Perri'- “A Thousand Years”
  2. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - “Somewhere over the Rainbow”
  3. The Piano Guys- “Just the Way You Are” (and there version of “A Thousand Years”, the selection mentioned above are both extremely popular”
  4. Train- “Marry Me”
  5. Ed Sheeran- “Thinking Out Loud
  6. Jason Mraz- “Lucky”
  7. Ingrid Michaelson- “Can't Help Falling In Love”
  8. Jeff Buckley- “Hallelujah”
  9. Lifehouse-”You and Me”
  10. Adele- “To Make You Feel My Love”
  11. Vitamin String Orchestra- “Use Somebody” (originally written by Kings of Leon)
  12. Glen Hansard- “Falling Slowly”
  13. Sigur Ros- “Hoppipola”
  14. Ellie Hollis- “Rather Be” (originally written by Clean Bandits)
  15. Bright Eyes- “First Day of My Life”

The article in it's entirety can be found at Additionally, many of the song selections listed can be found in instrumental formats from such bands as “The Vitamin String Orchestra”, “The Piano Guys”, The Dallas String Orchestra” and more. I encourage all brides to attempt to search for various instrumental versions of their favorite songs, if the actual versions with lyrics, drums, etc is too intense in fitting the theme of your ceremony.

On another note, Top Notch has seen a large majority of the selections mentioned above chosen for First Dance songs as well. Hmmm...perhaps I may have to follow up with First Dance songs”Top Chosen First Dance Songs” for next weeks post. Until then Top Notch partiers.