Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 Activities to Make Your Pool Party Rock!!

It's time for your Pool Party!! You've got your basis covered including music (hopefully you've hired Top Notch DJ Service or a recommended DJ vendor), you've got your refreshments ready, and perhaps there are even balloons and decorations that have been placed around the venue. This is destined to be a great time for your guests, after all, food, music, and swimming and good conversation is a blast in it's own right? And what about the kids? Did you consider any activities or games to keep them occupied and for them to play? This is 2015, they expect something more than just Marco and Polo. If you're answer to the above is “No” or “we'll, I'm sure they'll be fine”, let Top Notch recommend a few “HIT” games that is provided our pool parties that are ALWAYS a hit. Top Notch strives to go beyond the basic pool games, such as “biggest splash”, water relay”, “penny diving” or “boogie board races”. See below for Top Notch's favorite pool side games.

  1. Water Balloons- Water Balloon toss is always a blast. At times, for the younger children, Top Notch may even play an advanced game of “Hot Potato” with a water balloon, which consists of participants passing the water balloon in a circle rapidly and when the music stops, the person holding the water balloon is out. Top Notch also plays a water balloon relay outside of the pool area when there is space and time allows as well.
  2. Dance Games- Of course, Top Notch provides plenty of Dancing and musical games at all pool events including Freeze Dance (guests must stop dancing when the music halts, anyone who continues to move is out), Musical Chairs, Simon Says, Dancing Contest, and Huggy Bear (guests dance and when the music stops the DJ mentions a number, contestants must get in groups of that number and those not in groups within the time limit are out)
  3. Hula Hoops- Hula Hoops go with a Pool Party, like Ham goes in Mac n Cheese, it just works! Guests always enjoy showing off their Hula Hoop skills at Pool Party events, and a Hula Hoop contest (to determine which guests can Hula Hoop the longest) is always an easy game to “break the ice” at a party. Along with Hula Hoop contests, Top Notch uses the Hula Hoops as props for a game called “Thread the Needle”(see picture below) and also utilizes the Hula Hoops for Scavenger Hunt games as well.

  4. Scavenger Hunt- Top Notch puts a twist on this old game, by placing a limit of ONLY 5 participants per game. I've found this makes the activity challenging for those involved. Furthermore, the quantity of each item hidden decreases after each round of the scavenger hunt making only 2 contestants available in search of the final item in the last round, and resulting in a final winner.
  5. Sidewalk Chalk- Top Notch utilizes sidewalk chalk in a contest at nearly every event. I've found Sidewalk Chalk is not only a great, inexpensive item that provides for a great contest with guests at Pool Parties, but also, its an item that can often be left behind for fellow pool guests to play with after the games and even party is over. Top Notch has been known to hold drawing contests requesting participants to either draw personal pictures of me deejaying, and even my “dancing accompanied friend, Riley”. The resulting pictures are entertaining for most adults as well.

The majority of the above mentioned activities can also be played at Cook outs, Neighborhood Block Parties or any additional style of social gatherings or get togethers that is taking place outdoors. Top Notch usually does have a number of additional activities including stickers or tattoo giveaways, Limbo contests, etc. All Top Notch pool parties include props for each game as well as prizes. For additional activities or games, feel free to send an email to Enjoy the Summer guys!!

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