Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Afraid Something Could Go Wrong? Here's some peace of mind....

Worried something could go wrong at your event? Yeah, it could. Chances are, you know your guests better than any of your vendors, and you know their tendencies and actions in certain environments. Are they wild when around alcohol? Could your party get out of hand? Are you for some reason, a little hesitant in trusting one of your vendors? Did you know for any of the above mentioned risks, Travelers Insurance (and other carriers) offer Event and Wedding Insurance? It's usually cheap, easy to purchase and can protect you from the money you could lose from a cancellation or postponement of your event due to unforeseen circumstances. Depending on the importance of the event (such as a wedding), the cost of the event and the many factors involved (vendors, weather, venue, etc) an insurance policy may be a very wise item to purchase to help bring peace of mind, as well as protect your budget throughout the event planning process. A wedding policy for example, may reimburse you if you lose your non refundable deposits due to circumstances beyond your control. Say your wedding is postponed due to a commercial transportation failure aka Mother of the Bride is not present at the event, an unexpected death occurs in the family of either the bride or groom and there can even be coverage for catastrophic weather (aka if your ceremony and or reception is taking place on the beach or outside) as well as coverage for the honeymoon. In most cases that Top Notch has seen in the past, Wedding Liability or Event Liability insurance is highly suggested, especially if your event is taking place at an expensive or nice venue. Inevitably, in the near decade that Top Notch has been deejaying, it's fair to say that I have witnessed a multitude of unexpected, nonsensical, and absurd scenarios some which could have been avoided, others that were simply uncontrollable. If you know you're event is taking place at a highly valued, respected and/or expensive venue (let's say a museum) and you know Uncle Eddy might drink too much and could potentially bump into one of many exhibits of dinosaur fossils on display, than you undoubtedly should take out an event or wedding policy so to cover those potential risks. Each event is different, consequently budgets for events vary as well. Although It's always up to the customer in every case to determine if insurance is necessary for their event, Top Notch can certainly attest that it's at least a vital consideration for all, especially for any event with budgets over the $5,000 mark. For more information on event and wedding insurance you can check out or contact or contact Top Notch for further information

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