Tuesday, January 27, 2015




     While contemplating a post for today, I discovered the following hashtag trending on twitter. #Ruinaweddingin5words. I did some exploring regarding the roots of this trend and learned that Chris Hardwick, television hosts for the tv show MIDNIGHT began the hashtag on Monday evening. Seeing how Top Notch provides services to numerous weddings every year, I felt compelled to read further into the topic. Upon reading many of the responses, I felt some of these were simply too humorous not to share. The link to Chris's clip from Monday as well as the top 10 of my favorite tweets are posted below. If you could think of 5 words to ruin a wedding would it be one of these 10?

5 words to ruin a wedding     Feel free to preview the clip here! #ruinaweddingin5words link

  1. Sorry It's a Cash bar
  2. I have explosive diarrhea
  3. Grandma is Pole Dancing Again
  4. Nickelback is playing the reception
  5. Really, you chose that dress?
  6. What was your name again?
  7. Wait, your not my fiancee
  8. Measles Kid licked the cake
  9. Someone yells out “I Object”
  10. Your sister is much prettier
And, for Top Notch personally, the #5wordstoruinawedding that I may hear include the following
11. We went with an IPOD

Which every Wedding DJ experienced sooner or later, But that's another story, for a whole different blog post. Have a great rest of the week guys!

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