Friday, January 9, 2015

Inviting Children to your Wedding or Event

2015 A new year! New Events and new plans! Perhaps for you or someone you know, 1 of the events scheduled for 2015 is getting married. It is very common for Top Notch to receive numerous inquiries during the beginning of the year (Jan-March) as brides eagerly begin planning and gearing up for their “Big Day”
            One major question that could arise in your planning may pertain to inviting young children to your wedding event. If the answer to this debate is “YES” for your family, it may be wise to have activities and games for them to do. If they’re old enough, consider giving them a small job to do throughout the event, by doing so, it not only gives them a focus but also makes them feel as if they’re contributing to your big day!
     Furthermore, often times it’s wise to assign a kid or children’s table during cocktail hour and dinner. Some of the best weddings Top Notch has deejayed in the past, have “kids” tables that are full of fun activities/games for the kids to play such as crayons, puzzles, I spy, photo booth and albums, sand art, etc. If the games provided at the table are creative and interesting, the children will enjoy themselves, and the concept allows the parents to mingle with other adults and family members at the event. Top Notch has event serviced weddings where bean bag toss, corn hole, or scavengers hunts are planned to keep the children occupied and busy until the “dance/mingle” portion of the reception arrives.
    Lastly, when the energy of the event has increased, and guests begin to dance, it’s nearly always a great idea to encourage the children to join on the dance floor! Sharing in a father/daughter dance, or mother/son dance between a parent and a loved one can be a very memorable moment, and most children love to dance! Once the party time begins, the hilarious dance moves from children have served as a great entertainment factor in past Top Notch events. Furthermore, all of the dancing usually exhausts their energy by the end of the event.
      The ultimate goal for every wedding is for the event to run smoothly! Activities and games such as those listed above are just a few of the many entertainment sources you can provide for the young one’s at your wedding to keep them engrossed in fun so that you can your guests can do the same

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