Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Are Your Vendors on the Same Page?

This past Saturday, Top Notch had the privilege of deejaying Adritah's Birthday party. It certainly was a success, however, in this case, I can certainly say all guests were entertained but not necessarily from Top Notch services. Adritah's party was simply filled with entertainment that kept the guests interested throughout the evening. Along with Top Notch, Adritah's parents had hired

  1. A Professional Photographer (
  2. Minnie Mouse Costumed Actor
  3. A Face Painter
  4. A Caricature Artists-
  5. A Balloon Twister- Balloons by Chelsea
  6. A Magician
  7. Caterer
With so many different forms of entertainment in place at one event, I could not help but realize, it was imperative that all vendors work together to make this event a success. Each vendor served a different function, and was only hired to provide their services for a small window of time, therefore, it was critical for me to know the time slot each vendor would be available for guests to enjoy, as well as the extent of their services, etc. I encouraged children to dance with Minnie Mouse on the dance floor to which many did. To take advantage of Bruce Stevenon's unique Caricature talents, as he was only booked briefly and seemed to have plenty of guests eager to have their portraits completed, and the magician required specific speaker and microphone capabilities which I was able to accommodate so that her magic show went flawlessly and her voice was transmitted over my speakers throughout the venue for all to hear. Thankfully, due to planning and communication between I and Adritah's father, I was aware of all vendors that were present before the event, and had prepared for my entertainment, music and games to not interfere with their allotted time slot for service. There should never be competition between vendors and it's essential for vendors to work together, to be on the same page, and to strive for the same goal which should be to make the event as much of a success as possible. This concept applies to all events ranging from parties like those mentioned above, fundraisers, block parties, and certainly at weddings! Pictures from Adritah's party are available on the Top Notch facebook page and I have posted a few below for all to enjoy as well as links to some of the vendors services. Huge thanks for Chris Formont of for allowing me to use the pictures below.

Photographer- Formont Photography
Balloon Twister- Balloons by Chelsea
Caterer- Peacock Indian Restaurant
Face Painter and Minnie Mouse- Savings 1 Kid at a Time -
Magician- (Jazzy from Magic by David) -
Caricature Artists- Bruce Stevenson

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