Saturday, September 26, 2015

Need to Lose Some Trees? Have a WEDDING!

Pictures of dining table, gift table and ceremony seating from Eric and Leslie's wedding

     Yes, I realize the title of today's blog post may sound a little obscure, but it is in fact the topic and story that Top Notch witnessed first hand this year. It's no secret that a wedding venue can be a large factor concerning the wedding budget. Wedding Venues are not cheap!! As a result, many customers in the last few years have cut cost regarding a venue by taking the DIY approach and hosting a back yard wedding. This concept is exactly what Eric and Leslie opted to do for their wedding earlier this September. Top Notch began the planning process around March of this year and received the opportunity to tour Eric and Leslie's home. They explained to me their plans, as well as what they had envisioned for their “Big Day”. As we walked outside towards their intended wedding reception location I saw 2 things.... A large shed and woods. Little did I know, that the next 6 months would include much labor including cleaning and tree removal that would result in a magnificent yard appearance. Even more so, I was impressed with the simple, yet creative methods Eric and Leslie used to decorate their yard and shed for the event. Large tree remains served as dining tables for guests, lights and a chandelier were tastefully hung above the dance floor of the shed, and Eric's “working tables” in the shed were masked by table clothes and signage to serve as the gift table, dessert table, etc. Perhaps, Eric and Leslie spent many of nights brainstorming the d├ęcor and layout for the wedding or perhaps their brilliant ideas were gathered from internet resources such as Pinterest, Google, and others. Either way, these two illustrated the fact that a backyard wedding can be cleverly executed to appear as a great wedding venue. With a little imagination, time and work, a back yard wedding can be a great idea to save cost while offering a great location for you and your guests to enjoy your Big Day!!

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