Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Frightfully Fun Games to Play for your Halloween Party!!

(picture of a Mummy Wrap Game from a recent Top Notch event)

     October is here, the weather is getting cooler and it appears that pumpkin spice flavored everything is everywhere that you look. People have many reasons to celebrate the Fall Season including the return of Football and tailgating, Homecomings and back to school events and of course, Halloween! Top Notch DJ's has certainly celebrated countless Halloween parties. So, what type of fun ideas and events can you incorporate into your Halloween party to keep the guests entertained when they're tired of doing the “Monster Mash”. See this list for some of Top Notch's favorite Halloween themed games!

          1. Squirt the Pumpkin- Yes, you read that right. Although most Halloween activities include carving a pumpkin, this fun game can be played after the pumpkin has been carved. HOW TO PLAY: Contestants must line up in a line facing a candle lit jack o lantern. Make sure there is a good distance between the start of the line and the Jack O Lantern. Contests each take turns with a water gun or spray bottle attempting to put out the lit candle that illuminates the pumpkin. Kids Love this game!
    1. Find the Bats- This game is very simple, and requires very little prep work. One should either cut black construction paper or purchase small bats for decoration (they can be found at the Dollar Store) and decorate the premise with bats. Guests usually will notice them as only decorations until the game starts. HOW TO PLAY: Guests must gather as many bats that are located around the room as possible. The person that collects the most wins! It often helps for the bats to be numbered, and even some hidden, so that one can keep track of how many are available for contestants to collect before the start of the game.
    2. Mummy Wrap- As seen in the above picture from an actual Top Notch event. This game does require lots of toilet paper as well as 2-4 very willing participants to be dressed as mummy's. HOW TO PLAY: Contestants are divided up into teams and given either 1 to 2 rolls of toilet paper. The teams are then given a time limit to unravel all of the paper around their assigned “participant” and to dress them up as a Mummy. When the time clock stops, the team that has dressed their participant the best is determined the winner.
    3. Find the Critters: This game does include some preparation. Take a bucket, very large bowl, or even a large bin and fill it with a small seeded item of your choice (bird seed, dried corn, dried beans, etc.) HOW TO PLAY: Small rubber toy creatures (such as frogs, spiders, lizards, etc and can be purchased at the Dollar Store) are then hidden within the bin for guests to find. Whoever collects the most creatures wins. HINT: Top Notch recommends going the extra mile and purchasing “Glow in the Dark” creatures. These too are available at most dollar stores and are more of a thrill for kids to find. Make sure before you hide the creatures that they have been in the sunlight for some time before you play this game, so that the creatures will be illuminated at the start of the game
    4. Boo Bomb Toss- This is another FAVORITE! This game does involve much prep work but is completely worth the time and effort to play. For starters, one must understand exactly what is a “Boo Bomb”, so I'll explain. An egg is carefully broken at either end (as if you were to use them to cook with), then all yoke is emptied out of the shell. The shell is then filled with flour, the top of the egg is taped with tissue back on to the shell, and a ghost face (as pictured below) is then drawn on the eggs. HOW TO PLAY: This game is played just like water balloon toss. Contestants must pick a partner and alternate tossing the egg toward one another while increasing distance with each turn until the bomb bursts. The team of partners that remains standing and does not drop their bomb are the winners.

      Picture illustration of a "Boo Bomb"

Other games that Top Notch has been known to play in the past include
  • Eye bounce- An eye is drawn on a ping pong ball and guests must attempt to bounce the ping pong into a bucket
  • Pumpkin Decorating Contrests- Guests are given small pumpkins and a time limit. The contest that can decorate their pumpkin the best in that time limit wins
  • Glow in the Dark Ring Toss- Glow sticks are combined together to make large bracelets or rings. A pole and stand is then set up for contestants to attempt to toss the glow rings on the stand
  • Frightening Dice- Dice are created with an action or order labeled on each of it's 4 sides (buy a simple wooden block at a hardware store or purchase large dice and decorate/or paint them a bright color. When the guests roll the dice they must do a combination of the actions that are shown on the dice he or she rolled. ToP notch calls this game “frightening dice” because the contestants never know exactly what they will have to do until the dice is rolled.

The above mentioned games are all excellent activities for Fall Festivals, or Halloween themed events that Top Notch recommends for any party! So, now that we have the games out of the way, what type of music should you play? After all, you can't just keep “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” on repeat to play throughout your entire party can you? Make sure to check out next week's blog for the top Halloween theme songs to play BESIDES these 2 song selections mentioned above. Thanks for reading!

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