Thursday, May 14, 2015

When You Say "I DO" Let Your Guests Hear it Too

(picture above taken from Kayelily Middleton's "Raleigh Wedding Blog")

     The title of today's post may sound like an obvious statement, but is necessary to mention as 35% of weddings that I see recently neglect to “mic” the bride and groom, and therefore their vows and words during the ceremony are unfortunately not heard. Top Notch is in fact guilty of deejaying numerous wedding ceremonies in the past that have contained this scenario and this past weekend's wedding of Sean and Nina was no exception. During the consultation, the bride and groom had mentioned that a wireless microphone for the officiant to use as well as themselves, may or may not be needed depending on the size of the ceremony room, the depth and volume of the officiants voice as well as the number of guests attending the event. Providing a microphone for the ceremony was a topic that we opted to “play by ear”, agreeing that it would be available if needed. Top Notch has found myself in this situation a number of times, and when the “Big Day” arrives, the officiant make's the decision to not use the available microphones. I hear statements repeatedly such as “I think my voice is pretty loud”, “this is a small space so my voice should carry” and “I just don't think that a mic is necessary, It should be a brief ceremony and I'll talk loud”, etc. This past weekend's wedding of Sean and Nina was a mirrored image of the above scenario, and an ultimate learning lesson for Top Notch which I have felt compelled to share with all. A microphone was not used for the ceremony. The officiant did great and his voice carried excellent so that all guests including me (at the back to the room) could hear him, BUT (and this is a big BUT) because no microphones were set up, the exchanging of vows between the bride and groom could not be heard. Now, I'm somewhat of a perfectionists, and I do feel that many guests (most likely 85%) could hear the words “I Do”, however, chances are if the DJ cannot hear the bride and groom speak from the back of the venue, than other guests may have a hard time hearing the exchanging of vows as well. Allowing the option for a microphone to be used during the ceremony was
the WRONG DECISION on Top Notch's part and has been a lesson learned for future weddings! The whole wedding is about 2 critical words, “I DO”. Not insuring that all guests can hear these words serves only a disservice to attendees. The decision should not boil down to the opinion of the officiant, but be determined by the Dj or sound guy. As the saying goes, you live, you learn and in regards to this subject, the lesson has been learned and duly noted.

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