Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's Graduation Time! Part 1-Graduation Party Ideas-The Vendors

May is nearly upon us and soon Graduation events will be taking place all over! A graduation party is a great way to celebrate the achievement of your loved one, but let's make sure it't not too boring or cheesy shall we? Below Top Notch recommends vendors and even a cool ideas to make sure you're graduation party is a blast for all involved.

VENDORS: An entertainment component or multiple components is a MUST HAVE for a graduation party. Thanks to those mini laptops that the majority of students now carry in their hands and pockets (cell phones), students tend to have a short attention span, and can lose interest in a party or activity easily if the event lacks excitement and fun.

Vendors to consider for a great graduation party:

  1. Music- Now naturally, as a DJ I would recommend you bring a Disc Jockey or live band on board to provide music for the event. If this however, is not in your budget, make sure your students are able to at least create their own play list (with clean, edited music recommended) as well as play their song requests through a quality sound system with sufficient volume. Speakers can be rented from various event rental shops at fairly low cost, and many companies will actually come out to set up and tear down your speakers for you.
     2.  Photobooth- Photobooths are becoming extremely popular for events! Students, and adults have a blast dressing up in assorted apparel and taking snapshots in various poses, facial expressions etc. Furthermore, having a photobooth on site at any event is always a great way to “break the ice” for guests as they bring humor, fun and they provide a keepsake picture for guests to keep marking the event date. Top Notch recommends Picture That Photo for all photo booth needs.

     3. Caricature Artists- A caricature artists provides an excellent activity for guests! They can sketch a unique, yet custom portrait in often just a matter of minutes. Caricature artists are interactive, and the result is always a fun picture that guests can keep. Keep in mind that a caricature artists can usually only draw 1 person or couple at a time, therefore it is recommended to have other entertainment vendors in place along with this fun source of entertainment.

4. Slideshow: A slideshow of the graduate is always memorable, and fun for guests to watch. Chances are, many of the guests will even be included in some of the slideshow pictures which resultantly helps them enjoy the work event more. A slideshow of pictures can range from when the graduate student was a toddler to the current time, or even just pictures of their time through the last 2-4 years of school. Top Notch can create and provide a slideshow for all gradation party events and are offering this slideshow option as a special addition to the normal DJ package at a very discounted rate

5.    Game truck- (for younger children). Game trucks are a great way to keep the younger students occupied for a few hours. Most trucks provide multiple games and even activities alongside video games for the children to play. Top Notch recommend's Games 2 U as they even offer laser tag and a human hamster ball!

Stay tuned as the next blog will offer an additional 5 activities/games to incorporate into the graduation party, including a twist on your everyday “selfie pic” and a large game of Twister! Have a great rest of the week guys and thanks for reading!

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