Saturday, April 4, 2015

For Gosh Sake....HAVE FUN!!!

"Life is what is happening while you're busy making other plans"- John Lennon

It's nearly time for your wedding or event. So much thought and careful planning has come and gone and the moment that it all boils down to is almost near! How thrilling, how exciting, how...relieving right? Funnily enough, that is the word Top Notch hears so often regarding the official day of a wedding or event. I cannot count how many times I've heard a bride say “I'm just ready for (the day) to get here and all this to be over”. That my readers, is the WRONG IDEA!! It's a time to celebrate, to enjoy and all of the planning is for 1 shear purpose, for you and your guests to have DO IT!!

     Yes, it's natural to feel the relief that the day is near and all of the scheduled arrangements by now should be in order. Assuming you have the correct vendors (entertainment, event planner, caterer, etc) that you know you can count on to make the day run smoothly, than its time to kick, back, breathe, and have a great time! 

      Don't forget to be in the moment. A fine example of this concept could not be illustrated better than the Marooney wedding which I had the please of deejaying this past November in Wilmington. The reception went fantastic, and guests were thoroughly entertained and danced throughout the event. In fact, I'm not sure there was ever a dull moment on the dance floor. The bride and groom truly danced the night away. The kicker: The groom had requested a specific song selection which I the DJ, was hesitant to play. I simply wasn't sure if the guests would know this specific song selection as it was brand new, and had yet to hit radio air waves. The groom insisted and I reluctantly submitted the song through my DJ Speakers. I could not have guessed what would follow. The groom took the entertainment and matters into his own hands (I'm still not sure if he realizes that), pulled nearly all guests onto the dance floor, and had them dance in a soul train and circle as him and the bride danced and jumped in the middle of the guests. His actions were sudden, and unexpected, but phenomenal! As the bride and groom were preparing to do their grand sparkler exit they thanked me for the great event, and for the first time ever, I looked the groom in the eye and said “No, thank made that reception just as much if not more than I did”. You only live once and in this example, the groom truly made the event count and unforgettable for me, for him and hopefully for his guests. Now that is what a wedding should be about!! Let's not forget the most critical part for any celebration or event folks, Let Go and have a good time!

Although the footage is brief and fuzzy (due to cell phone) a video capture of the particular event described above can be seen here!

Have a great Easter Weekend Top Notch partiers!!

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