Monday, December 22, 2014

Off the Subject: Santa and Google- Comparison

Happy Holidays Guys!! As the title of today's blog states, today's post is "off the subject" concerning Top Notch and the DJ Biz. In fact, it isn't necessarily regarding DJing at all, but I felt compelled to share.

     This morning I Googled Santa. Although, countless results regarding the jolly old man were delivered, 2 results caught my eye which I found very intriguing. The first was from a forum catering to Mothers and topic of discussion centered around the fact that "Google" may actually be killing Santa as children can now simply search through Google results to determine the reality of Good Ole St. Nick. The second post however, was much more intricate and was titled "Santa Claus and Google". I have provided the link below to the article by Jeffrey Gitomer, which shed's light on the power of using Google for search optimization, and business marketing. Upon reading a quick paragraph of the article I found the results between the 2 uncanny. See for yourself in the below caption

"Santa Claus and Google. The Same or Just a Coincidence?
After nearly 60 years of a wavering belief in Santa Claus, I have come to a major AHA! Santa Claus is actually Google.
Think about it: Google knows when you're sleeping. Google knows when you're awake. Google knows if you're bad. Google knows when your good. Google has lists, and she checks them twice. Google knows who's naughty. Google knows who's nice. And Google reads all your letters!
Holy cow! How can this be? It sure clears up a lot of mystery. I’ve always wondered how Santa Claus knew all this stuff. How did he find my house? How did he know what I wanted? It turns out Google knows everything about everyone. Especially you.
Google knows where you live. Google knows where everyone lives. Google knows what you want. And Google can make it into your home and everyone else in the world’s home on Christmas Eve.
Pretty cool, huh?"- Jeffrey Gitomer

If only Google had the magic, the lure, the fairy tale characteristics that Santa could have! For the record,  Top Notch doesn't plan on using Google for much more than music research and online optimization, and I certainly do not intend on using their "DJ Program" or obtaining the music for my catalog via any Google programs (ie cloud, drive, etc) Google's current presence in today's society is a little frightening, isn't it? Just my 2 cents for the day, but I'd love to know what everyone thinks!

Check out the post below!

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