Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Party Game Ideas to make your event a Success!

Scrambling for ideas to make your Holiday party a hit? As the Holiday Season is now upon us, Top Notch finds that the majority of events that require a DJ are Holiday parties and often corporate functions. After many years of participating, attending and servicing these type of events, the conclusion has been formed that Holiday parties serve 2 great purposes, they are 

1. Nice gatherings for associates to mingle, socialize, etc.
2. A lot of fun that actually brings employees and colleagues closer together

If you're planning a holiday party this year, don't allow a basic catered dinner to be the only event taking place for the party. Top Notch provides plenty of activities and games for all of our holiday functions, and thought it may be helpful to share a few of our most popular games below! The following activities are great for any party, not necessarily corporate functions, but family, clubs, or neighborhood holiday socials as well.

Please keep me in mind, these are just some of the many activities Top Notch provide for events. For more ideas or questions feel free to email directly at

1. Oh Christmas Tree- This game does require ornaments, tinsel, garland, and various other Christmas tree decorations to be provided at the event and prepared prior to the guests arrival. 2-3 volunteers are chosen, meanwhile all other guests are divided in teams of 2-3. The teams have a specific time limit (usually 2-3 minutes) to decorate the volunteers as a Christmas Tree. Whichever team does the best job in decorating their assigned volunteer is the winner.

2. Holiday music or movie trivia- guests can answer individually or divided into teams can keep score. For a list of great Holiday questions, email

3. Name that Tune/Fill in the Blank- a clip of a popular verse from a movie or holiday song is played. The first guests or team that can either name that tune and finish the lyric receives a point. Play until guests have accrued enough points to win

4. Guess What's in the Stocking- A stocking is either hung or placed on the DJ Table. Guests must do their best to guess what's in the stocking. Hints and clues are provided throughout the event to help party attendees guess. The first person to guess appropriately takes the stocking as a prize

5.  Raise the Reindeer - Similar to the Shoe game Top Notch plays at weddings. 2 volunteers can play at a time, and are each provided with 2 different stuffed reindeers on poles. 1 reindeer is labeled True, meanwhile the other is labeled False. NOTE: Various other holiday characters can be used instead of reindeer for this game. Top Notch simply uses reindeer for our games (1 reindeer with a red nose known as Truedolph, the other with a black nose). The 2 volunteers must sit back to back and are asked true/false in regards to either the corporation or organization, holiday knowledge, etc. Volunteers answer by either raising the reindeer (or character) labeled as Truth, or the reindeer labeled False. Their differing answers make this game very humorous at parties. Great for CEO's, Managers, etc to serve as volunteers for this game.

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