Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boy Scouts Motto!

The Boy Scouts Motto is “To Always Be Prepared”. Top Notch strives to always be prepared. I review song materials, play list, games, equipment, on a weekly basis before every event. I truly believe preparedness makes all of the difference in an event, and some of the most professionals in every field are successful because they are prepped and prepared for situations that may arise. Last week for Top Notch was no exception. Top Notch had the privilege of deejaying the Balliet wedding in Chapel Hill last Sunday, and the event went marvelously. In the middle of the Dinner reception, my music hard drive (the device which stores over 200,000 songs) crashed. Thankfully, I was prepared with a back up drive so the event continued to move smoothly. Additionally, the weekend before last, Top Notch provided karaoke for the Halloween Bash at The Luxury Box in North Raleigh (http://www.theluxuryboxofraleigh.com/). Seeing how Top Notch has received little demand for karaoke this year, I reviewed all equipment, computer software systems, etc to insure that the karaoke did in fact work before the night of the event. Preparedness once again was a large factor in allowing the Halloween Bash to be a success. Unfortunately, one thing I was not prepared for this week was losing my cell phone. My cell phone went completely wacky and even the service employees could not diagnose nor repair the problem. The tragedy lies in the fact that I had tons (I mean tons) of new video footage and pictures to place on the website, facebook page, etc. and now it’s all gone. Sorry guys!!  Lesson to be learned....always, always, back up your media via dropbox, google drive, flash drive or an alternative back up device. As much as we rely on technology, we truly never know when nor where it could crash. Always Be Prepared and back it up (no dance pun intended)!!!!

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