Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Top Free DJ Mobile Apps

     In the words of the late great Marvin Gaye, “Ain’t Nothin Like the Real Thing Baby”. It’s true! Or at least Top Notch would like to think and hope that when planning music for a party, wedding or event there truly is not a substitute for a live band or professional DJ. However, Top Notch also completely understands that not every event is large enough, nor may have the funds to obtain a live band or Dj. In this blog post, Top Notch reviews the Top FREE Mobile Dj Apps anyone can use to create their own play list and dance party. Are we telling you how to do our job? No, of course not! But If your next event does call for music and your local favorite Top Notch DJ is unavailable, we do hope that one of the applications listed below will be a mere substitute to a Disc Jockey. The research has been performed and the below applications are our favorite and simple applications that one can download absolutely free. We have made sure all of the applications listed below are available for both Android or Iphone operating systems as well. Now on to the list!

Top Notch DJ Service Cross DJ 1. Cross DJ - created by Mixvibes.  Thoughts: This Application is very easy to use and fantastic for the basic user that simply wants to play a basic play list for a party or event. Top Notch personally loved many of the extra Dj style features this app provides such as Beats Per Minute measurements, Pitch Blending, and one can easily transition tracks between songs in this program. In Sum, any individual would have a blast simply toying with the creative, yet basic music programs that Cross DJ offers.

Algoriddim Djay Logo Top Notch DJ Service blog
2. dJay2 - created by Algoriddim – Thoughts: This App is incredible! For starters, the application is not only free, but offers a Spotify integration which Spotify users will find extremely pleasing. Alongside that great feature, dJay2 actually allows the user to view 2 virtual turn tables and provides “cue” points (to let the user know when to transition songs), has an automatic mix feature, and even allows looping. Though some of these features may be a little advanced for some, Top Notch DJ’s found dJay2 to be the personal favorite DJ App on this list.

Top Notch DJ Service Blog Edjing
3. Edjing-  created by DjiT- Similar to the dJay2 app, the Edjing App is extremely user friendly. The large interface and virtual turntables make this app easy to comprehend and use accordingly. There are various versions of the Edjing App, however, the free version titled “Music Mixer Studio” should fit the trick for most amateur or rookie Djs.

Top Notch DJ Service blog DJ Studio 5 logo

4. DJ Studio 5 - Created by Beatronik. According to many forums and reviews, Dj Studio 5 is one of the most popular Dj applications accessible for both Android and Apple users. With that being said, it offers a tremendous amount of features and effects that initially could be very confusing. Additionally, this specific application does work alongside specific professional Dj mixers such as the iRigMix (aka actual Dj gear used by DJ Professionals) making this application a lot of bang for the buck,wait, there are no bucks because it’s FREE!

Top Notch DJ Service Blog
5. Party Mixer DJ Player App – by Punn Software (for Android Users) or Dj Mix by Ladybird for Iphone Users - App number 5 ladies and gents is elementary 101. Whether you’re an Android User or choose to play your mixes through an Iphone or Ipad, these 2 applications are the very basic, most straightforward Dj applications that Top Notch would recommend for an individual without prior Dj experience. The features are limited and the overall use of the either of these programs is very transparent making their usability a piece of cake. Additionally, neither provides a virtual turn table, nor any other grandiose musical effects to complicate the musical play list resulting in both of these programs being the most simplistic applications on this list


Top Notch DJ Service Blog Strobe Light
6. Strobe Light App - Recommended to Top Notch by local Raleigh friend Katie, one should not intend on throwing any dance party without this mobile party tool. A variety of strobe light applications are accessible for both Android and Iphone operating systems. The brand or specific Strobe Light application one chooses is irrelevant. What is critical is that the Strobe Light application has been selected, downloaded to your device and is ready to go when it’s time to party!

There we have it! Top Notch’s list of the 5 best absolutely free mobile DJ applications. Thank you all for reading and please feel free to let me know if there are alternate music programs or applications that you prefer to work with not mentioned in this blog post.


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