Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why Doesn't Top Notch Specialize in Weddings?

Recently during a consultation a “groom to be” asked me “How many weddings does Top Notch normally work per year?” The question posed was quite logical, as I understood he basically was attempting to gather the amount of experience Top Notch has involving the wedding industry. Furthermore, the grooms inquiry is a common question that I receive on a frequent basis. My answer in this particular scenario seemed to take this specific couple off guard. “There are roughly 52 weeks and weekends in a year, Top Notch normally works between 20-30 weddings a year” I stated. Granted, some years Top Notch works more, but never less than 20. I went on to explain my reasoning behind my answer to the couple, which is very simple, I enjoy a variety, and desire to DJ an array of diverse events. If I devote all of my time every weekend to weddings, then 2 things happen,

  1. Top Notch obviously has less time to devote to other events such as Proms, Sweet 16's, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Holiday events, etc. Which as a result leads to
  2. A slower growth in Top Notch becoming a well rounded, versatile DJ.

Reason number 2, is reason #1 for me personally. If my time is spent less at other events, resultantly, I become less and less familiar with the music to play at these events. Sweet 16 guests for example, will know and request songs that are on the cutting edge. Often times these teenagers will know songs before they are even released to radio. A good DJ not only is up to date on this current music, but knows what to play and when to keep the party moving smoothly. I know from personal experience, after taking some time away from a certain event, it can often be challenging to recall what song selections work flawlessly in keeping guests on the dance floor. As with any thing in life, if you step away or pause from doing something for too long, you become out of practice. Top Notch strives to be....well...Top Notch. That means versatile, yet entertaining for all events! Ultimately, I've also learned that striving to be a well rounded DJ has benefited me tremendously at weddings, simply because no wedding is ever the same. When shopping for a DJ, experience is important, but so is versatility. There are a multitude of “Wedding DJ's” advertising online. They'll play the cupid shuffle, they'll play your first dance song, and they'll be professional and dress accordingly, but when it's really time to dance and party is your DJ prepared to play more than the basic wedding clich├ęs (YMCA, Shout, Brickhouse, etc)? Make sure they have the music knowledge to keep your guests on the dance floor! Does Top Notch “Specialize” in Weddings? Absolutely! But, are wedding events, our only specialty? NO WAY!

I explained the above dialogue and reasoning (in a more shortened version) to the couple as they sat in front of me to assure them that Top Notch has plenty of experience deejaying weddings. The conclusion; they understood completely. In fact, they made the decision to use Top Notch for their wedding which will be taking place in just a few months. Look for a post regarding their wedding and a mention of this blog in September on the facebook page. In the mean time, thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week guys!

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