Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last night was truly a great time at Alexis’ Surprise Sweet 16 Party. All of her friends arrived, a great banner for pictures to monument the occasion hung from the ceiling and Top Notch was able to provide music for the slideshow that Alexis’ parents had prepared for the party. However, upon arriving and setting up for the event, I noticed many decorated tables and chairs which brings me to the first blog article and thought of the day. 1 Tip to POTENTIALLY avoid for your Sweet 16 party or event which is - LESS CHAIRS. It is a great idea to have horderves and snack food and even nice appetizers at the party for guests, however, unless you are planning for the guests to actually have a sit down dinner, many tables and chairs aren’t necessary. They’re inviting for guests to come in and SIT. 80-90% of teenage boys will arrive at a party, find a seat at a chair and table, break out their cell phone to check up on their social media, text messages, etc and will try to remain in this position throughout the party or event. The less chairs, naturally the less sitting will occur. Furthermore, guests will get the impression, that your event is not a sit down, hang out kind of affair, it’s a dance party. Top Notch certainly has many strategies to get those that may be seated up and moving on the dance floor,however, that chair is now their “safety spot”, and if ever  a song is played that your guests may feel awkward dancing to, personally do not like, or are perhaps unfamiliar with, they will retreat to that chair. One can avoid this situation by simply not placing numerous tables and chairs in or around the party room. Often times, more tables and chairs equals less dance space as well. By considering this tip, you may eliminate the major 1 obstacle for your DJ at a Sweet 16 party.

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