Monday, May 30, 2016

Cool At The Pool!!! 5 Games Top Notch Recommends for Pool Parties this Summer!

      As the Memorial Day Weekend comes to a close one thing is for certain, Summer is officially upon us, which means the opportunity for fun in the sun, and parties at the pool. Through the years, Top Notch DJ Service has practiced a multitude of activities and games at Pool Parties for children and adults. In fact, when it comes to Pool Parties, our service excels more so at the activities we play than the music we provide. With that being said, here are five unique and thrilling poolside games that Top Notch DJ Service recommends to help your pool party bash be a blast!

  1. Water Balloon Catch- No, this isn't your normal “Water Balloon Toss”, involving all guests to line up and attempt to toss and catch a water balloon from opposing sides of a line. Instead, this specific activity involves teams of 2, a water balloon and a beach towel. Therefore, the only prep work required for this activity is a water filled balloon. Guests should be in teams of 2. As the game begins, each team should take a towel, which each team member holding an opposite side of the cloth (long ways) and the towel should be completely spread out. A water balloon is then placed in the middle of the towel as the team members hold both ends. When the game host announces “Throw”, each team should attempt to toss their balloon high in the air and catch it with their towel. This action is repeated until only a few teams are left. To make things more difficult the remaining final teams are required to fold their towel one to two times which should decrease the length of the towel (and room to catch the balloon). The team with the final balloon left in their towel is the winner. 

  2. Junk in the Trunk- This activity is also known as a “Minute to Win It” game that can be played at various type of parties or events. How it works: All Participants must wear a contraption that composes of a Kleenex box filled with 5-8 Ping Pong Balls. The Kleenex box is attached the individuals waist, with the box resting on each participants backside. Each participant must “shake their junk” until all ping pong balls are shaken out of their Kleenex box. The first person to shake all of their balls out first is the winner. 

  3. Shoot the Ball- This activity has been featured in our “Labor Day Fun” clip which can be assessed here. How it works: All members need a pack of tennis or raquet balls and a water gun or water squirter (which can be purchased at any Dollar Store, Wal Mart, Target, etc.). The tennis ball can is turned upside down, with 1-2 tennis balls still remaining in the can (for weighted purpose) while 1 ball is placed on the top of the upside down can. All game participants must attempt to shoot the ball off of the tennis ball can with their water squirter. A point system for each “hit” can be assigned per individual or team to determine the winner.
    SIDE NOTE: Top Notch DJ Service often uses different colored tennis balls, or tennis balls and racquet balls simultaneously for this activity to keep track of each participants progress (ie: Team Yellow Tennis Balls, Team Racquet Ball, etc) 

  4. Sidewalk Darts- This activity is played like the normal game of Darts however no pens nor actual dart board is used. In place of these items, a giant dart board is drawn alongside the pavement using sidewalk chalk. Additionally, in place of the dart pens, all game participants are provided wet, colored sponges. Participants may then attempt to land on the bulls eye by “tossing” the wet sponge onto the side walk chalked dart board. NOTE: This game will most likely not work unless the sponges are wet, as the light weight of a dry sponge is less likely to obtain as much distance. 

  5. Water Balloon Relay- Items required are a water balloon and a tool for carrying the water balloon from team to team. Individuals are broken up into teams and required to carry the water balloon to the finish line and back and then pass the water balloon and carrying device to the next team member in line. The first team to get all team members to carry the water balloon to the finish line and back successfully wins. The trick is to locate a creative, yet difficult tool for carrying the water balloons for each team. Top Notch DJ Service usually uses a large wooden spoon, or even a number of plastic spatulas for this game. All participants cannot hold the balloon during the relay, they must balance the balloon alongside the carrying device (ie” Wooden spoon or spatula). If all teams have dropped and popped the balloon before successfully completing the game, then a “round 2” with new balloons can be assigned. 

Again, the below are just a few of the numerous fun games that Top Notch DJ Service plays at Pool parties during the Summer. For more ideas, or games feel free to visit past blog articles or simply shoot an email to Thanks for reading and please feel free to let us know if you try any of the above games at your next pool party or event! 

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